Math Tutoring Style

I have helped a large variety of students with my unique math tutoring style. The following types of students have benefitted from my math tutoring help:

Students whose math skills are “rusty”

“My math skills are rusty. I haven’t looked at math for years.”
I will start from the basics. I will review and give you practice in the parts of math you have forgotten, and I will teach you the parts you never completely understood.

Students who are “getting along” in math

“I use math every day in my work, and I get along pretty well. But I don’t really understand how it works.”
You require, and the GMAT requires, that you have a deep and thorough understanding of the math you use. That full understanding is within your reach, and I will help you reach it.

Students whose math is strong

“I have strong math skills. I get high scores in practice tests. But not high enough.”
I will show you how to break through the barrier and reach those higher scores.

Students who have been diagnosed as learning disabled

“I have been diagnosed as learning disabled. Can you help me?”
I have had good success with people who have labeled (or in many cases mis-labeled) as learning disabled.

Students who are math phobic

“When I see certain math problems, I panic.”
I have a number of techniques that have helped my students overcome math phobia. One of the main techniques is to guide you to a thorough understanding of the math.

Students who are prone to making careless errors

“I know how to do most of the problems, but I seem to frequently make careless errors.”
I have helped many students overcome the tendency to make careless errors.