I contacted Charles after I took the GMATs once – I had studied on my own and had not done as well as I would have liked. I talked to a few tutors and Charles really stuck out. Well, working with him has been even better than I had hoped for.

First of all, Charles is a brilliant teacher. He’s been able to explain both simple and complex concepts in ways that make sense to me. I know that not all tutors have this ability. Charles is exceptional in this way.

Second, his lessons are customized. When, for instance, I or Charles noticed that I was having trouble with a certain concept, he would send me questions just related to that concept. I really valued his ability to create lessons focusing on my weaknesses.

Third, he is unbelievably organized. On my first day, he gave me a perfectly organized binder, and each week we add questions to it. He promptly responds to my emails, has fun ways of organizing questions and helping me improve, and is always on time and prepared. It makes my life easy – I can just focus on improving my skills.

I owe Charles many thanks for improving my GMAT scores, but also owe him thanks for helping me become, as he calls it, a “quant.”

Charles is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his tutoring.


Working with Charles has truly changed the way I experience math. I first met Charles when looking for a GMAT tutor to help me improve my quantitative score. I never knew then that he would forever change the way I approach math in general. Since my elementary school years when I started to become confused by algebra and geometry, I thought of math as a subject that I was simply not good at, and one that I could never be good at. That fear has haunted me my entire life, hence the reason I needed a GMAT tutor!

After my first phone call with Charles, I knew he would work wonders for my GMAT preparation but I never imagined that he would also alter the way I view math. He is diligent and caters each lesson and each homework assignment to each student. Before I ever met with him in person, he had assessed my current math level and planned how our first lesson would go, to ensure that no precious meeting time was wasted. Charles has the unique ability to hone in on the areas (not only intellectually but emotionally) that hinder a student from achieving mathematical success, then works thoroughly to help that student overcome those areas of weakness. He is also extremely patient and makes the process of re-learning math fun and easy. Although I have taken the GMAT, I plan to still meet with Charles so that I can continue on the path of improving my math abilities.

If you are looking for a tutor who will dedicate his time and efforts towards your individual learning style and needs, Charles is undoubtedly the person you are looking for. I cannot recommend him highly enough! And Charles, I thank you sincerely for all that you have done to help me overcome my fear of math!